A R Online Tutorial for Visualizing Spatial Social Networks

A bookdown R tutorial

(In Progress)

The tutorial is developed in conjuction with Dr. Clio Andris and Dr. Dipto Sarkar. This tutorial is dedicated to describe the basic concepts, methods, and visualizations involved to map and analyze non-planar networks (social networks & relationships) in geographic space using R.

We have a development version of tutorial published here.

  • the associated SSNtools R pakcage here. Further updates will be integrated.

The work-in-progress has been presented at MoVIS: Information Visualization of Geospatial Networks, Flows, and Movement Workshop at IEEE VIS 2020.

This work is funded by a Data Science Research Scholarship from Georgia Tech IDEaS and NSF Career Grant: A Research and Educational Framework for Incorporating Spatial Heterogeneity into Social Network Analysis.

You can find other work associated with this tutorial and R package at Social Network Mapping Nexus (SNoMaN).

The Social Network Mapping Nexus (SNoMaN) is an NSF-funded project to develop an integrated research-educational framework for Spatial Social Network (SSN) analysis. This portal contains a data repository, R tutorial, open-source SSN software, and online infrastructure to support a connected SSN community. The goal is to help connect researchers, highlight new discoveries, and facilitate the coordination of professional activities such as workshops and conference sessions.

Xiaofan Liang
Xiaofan Liang
Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning